Road Safety

In 2010 501 young car drivers were injured or killed on Hampshires roads. 105 in the New Forest area, 63 in Winchester, 37 in Eastleigh, the list goes on.

Phil Long and Diana Solloway of Top Drive UK are two of Hampshire County Council’s dedicated driving instructors working towards safer roads and better drivers. Phil and Diana, along with the councilĀ are committed to promoting road sfety particulary amoung young and newly qualified drivers. Completing the Pass Plus scheme will make you a better driver and reduce the risk of adding to those figures.

Hampshire County Council will assist in the payment of the course. For further details please contact or call 023 8037 1573

Remember DON’T drink and drive, DON’T drive when tired, and DO NOT drive under the influence of drugs

Convictions stay with you for 11 years and causing death by dangerous driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs carries a maximun sentence of 14 years inprisonment.

Once you have passed your driving test you have a 2 year probational period, within which time you must not exceed 5 penalty points, should you be convicted of 6 points or more you will lose your licence and maybe subject to a ban, which once served, you will be required to retake the Theory Test and practical test. So THINK! Road Safety